Meet the Yew Tree Alpacas


Here's Jazz just before shearing in May 2014. Hes a cuddly boy and is now in his 3rd year

Jazz has been to a few shows last year and came 4th in his class both times. This year his claim to fame is being one of the two alpacas who has adopted friends who will visit him twice this year.

Here's lovely Manette, she is one of our older alpacas (7yrs) and part of our original starter herd. Manette has a very high fleece yield and did fantastically well at the Alpaca National show in March this year. Her Aran ivory yarn (alpaca yarn made soley from Manette's fleece) won 1st in a class of 15 yarns.  

Joseph is a lovely deep brown colour and  quite a characterful lad.

He loves taking carrots for your hand but try to stroke him and he says NO thank you!

Jacob is easily the largest of our male alpacas. He's very aware that he is THE BOSS and feels he's there to impress the ladies. Jacob likes showing himslef off to the girls as this photo shows. He will be a husband for two of our girls this year - both Manette and Barbara will be mated to him - at different times so hopefully we will see his offspring next year.

Members of
the british alpaca society
All Yew Tree Alpacas are BAS registered


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