Alpaca Adoption 2022


We have 3 alpaca adoption packages for 2022 - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Our Silver and Gold packages are available to buy from Dec 1st 2020 until 30th July 2022. Our bronze package is available up to Nov 30th 2022.  The Gold and Silver packages will be available again from Dec 1st 2022.




Alpaca for Adoption


  • Elgar


    Elgar was born on May 23rd 2015 so he’ll be 7 years old in Spring ‘22. He is a brown colour, and has two distinguishing black spots on his back. He is friendly and happy to lead on the headcollar and is a very laid back and quiet member of the alpaca walking team.  In the field with his mates he is a loner and doesn’t hang around with any other alpaca. His fleece is of a very good quality, and is processed into our nutmeg alpaca yarns.  Elgar is a good choice if you are buying for a child 10-15yrs. He's very quiet and will put them at their ease.


  • Isaac


    Isaac is a lovely alpaca with a very gentle and quiet personality inherited from his mother Bianca. He was born in August 2015 and is one of our most experienced alpacas on our walking team. In 2017 he won his class and came reserve champion in the male white class at the South of England show. He was praised for his conformation and uniformity of fleece. He has a large distinguishing moustache and hums frequenly when out with our visitors on the walks.

  • Jimmy


    Jimmy is the oldest and most experienced of our adoption alpacas. He's a white 7 year old and otherwise know as Mr goofy as his lower front teeth are very prominent. 


    Jimmy is the experienced one who is cool in all situations including the sudden appearance of small yappy dogs which would worry many other alpacas. Jimmy's other love aswell as going out walks, is agility, and over several years now he's the one who enjoys a jump or two. If you adopt him then you'll get a chance to do some agility as well as walks.

  • Oscar


    Oscar is the cutest little boy, he’s 18 mths old (as at Nov ’18) and is the smallest of our alpacas born in 2017 and also the lightest ever born being only 5.3kgs at birth. Typically 8kg is the average. He had to be bottle fed for 6 weeks as his mum had very little milk. 

    Oscar has a lovely attitude and walks very well on the headcollar, already being a regular on the walking team. He was also chosen for our first alpaca wedding visit so he’s perfect as one of our adoption alpacas.


  • Pedro


    Pedro is a lovely soft fleeced white boy also from the class of 2017. He's one of the few who has his own greeting card and was very photogenic as a baby cria. His fleece is one of the softest and there's plenty of it! 


    He's just starting out on his walking career. He's been on some practice walks on the paths and will soon be going out for real with some of our customers.

  • Rafa


    Rafa alias 'Kisser' is one of the most people friendly alpacas we have ever bred. He loves people and will come up to nuzzle us in the field whilst we are busy poo picking!


    Rafa is named after Rafael Nadal the tennis player, we never got round to letting the real one know he had an alpaca named after him! Although he's not going to be a prize winner in the ring Rafa's personality has already won him an army of fans.



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3 adoption packages


Bronze - Gift box only (no visit to farm) £30

Silver - Gift box and a gift voucher worth £35 for one person on our alpaca walk experience (incl lunch). £60

Gold - Gift box, and two gift vouchers one for £35 on our alpaca experience (incl lunch) and the other for £40 for our extended countryside walk (incl lunch) £90




Bronze (all ages)

Cost £30


Our bronze option is an adoption gift box for your adopted alpaca with a 15% discount voucher code which can be used against either our alpaca adventure or alpaca experience or countryside walk. Note the bronze option DOES NOT include a visit to the farm. All in an A4 gift box with ribbon/ rosette


  • Certificate of adoption
  • Info sheet about your alpaca
  • Photo of your alpaca
  • Fleece sample from your alpaca
  • Alpaca facts sheet (A4)
  • Leaflet about the Yew Tree herd
  • Alpaca key ring
  • 15% discount voucher for alpaca adventure or alpaca walk experience or extended countryside walk (*please note the recipient has to be 10 yrs or over to participate in an alpaca walk and 6yrs + for an adventure). Note you must book by June 30th 22- the voucher expiry date.



Silver (6yrs and over) not available between Aug 1st and Nov 30th 2022


Cost £60


Our silver option gives you an adoption gift box for your adopted alpaca as per Bronze and a gift voucher for an alpaca adventure or alpaca walk visit to the farm for the recipient and a friend/parent. Note there are only 4 dates available for the adventure tick you preferred date when booking. (Please note the adventure may be in the afternoon or the morning on the specified date).

Gift box contains


  • Certificate of adoption
  • Info sheet about your alpaca
  • Photo of your alpaca
  • Fleece sample from your alpaca
  • Alpaca facts sheet (A4)
  • Leaflet about the Yew Tree herd, leaflet about our alpaca adventures
  • Alpaca key ring
  • A4 gift box with ribbon
  • Gift Voucher for one person value (£35) for either alpaca walk experience or an alpaca adventure. Note the £35 is the value of one person on the walk experience it does not include an additional person. For example if you book the adventure for one child and one adult you only have £4 to pay as the total cost of this is £39. If they book the walk experience they will have one place with the chosen alpaca and any additional people will be additional cost. Where the walk is booked this will be with the adopted alpaca.
  • *please note if the recipient is under 10 yrs they have to redeem the voucher for an alpaca adventure not an alpaca walk



View list of Walking dates  View Adventure dates




Gold (adopter must be 10 yrs and over for this package) Available up to July 31st 2022

Our premium gold package includes


  • Gold gift box containing all as above in Silver
  • A gift voucher for alpaca walk experience (value £35) value 1 adult 1 alpaca  includes lunch
  • A gift voucher for alpaca walking (Value £40) extended Countryside walk one person one alpaca includes lunch


The cost of the Gold package is £90 


Note  the recipient receives two gift vouchers in the gift box. They can choose either to book an alpaca adventure followed by a walk experience or extended Countryside walk OR choose to spend them on our two walks the Walk experience and the Countryside walk. NOTE if they choose the adventure and the walk experience the adventure should be booked first if they to use their vouchers for the two walks they must take the walk experience first and at a later date the extended Countryside walk. This will be clearly stated in the gift pack. We will ensure the walks will be with the adopted alpaca.


View list of Walking dates  View Adventure dates




Ordering before Christmas


Note the last date for ordering/buying alpaca adoption online before Christmas  (unless you can pick up from Anstey) is THURSDAY DECEMBER 16TH. The last posting date for adoption packs is Saturday 18th December. All packs will be sent 1st class post. The gift box will be sent flat pack as it arrives in a better condition.



Adoption Terms & Conditions


  • There are five dates for the adventure. If you cannot attend on any of the 5 dates there are no other options for adventure visits to see your alpaca. The voucher is valid for all our walks as long as the recipient is over 10yrs.
  • For Silver package the value of the voucher is £35. If the package has been bought for a child it will be necessary for an adult to come with the child and this is payable when you book the adventure and  use the gift voucher code. 
  • For the gift vouchers for walking in the gold option  the values are £35 and £40. This covers for person with one alpaca  on the alpaca walk experience and the same on the Countryside walk. Both of these include lunch. Additional people are extra cost.  If the recipient is 10-15yrs then you must book the sharing option and the values are taken off the basket when booking.
  • If you do not turn up on the day you loose your booking it is non transferrable.
  • If you decide not to take up any of the options within the package they are non refundable
  • All voucher codes are non transferable and must only be used for the recipient 


For any questions please call 01763 848257 or email...

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Alpaca Adoption

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Feedback from our Adopters 


Our visits have been really enjoyed by our adopters. We had a great recommendation from Kate see below....


We really enjoyed our day at Yew Tree Alpacas.  Many ‘adoptions’ give you very little chance really to meet your adoptive animal; however, this package seemed very well designed – I felt it would strike a good balance between keeping the alpacas happy, which is important, while giving my daughter the chance really to get to know more about them.   The parcel sent out was fun to open and she enjoyed looking at the photos and the lovely sample of wool.

We were so lucky with the weather on that first visit – the farm was a beautiful setting with the sun out!  We had plenty of time with the alpacas and a chance to ask all the questions we wanted.  We came away feeling that we had really got to know more about these fascinating animals.

It was also nice to have the tea and cake offered and the chance to look at the knitted goods made with alpaca wool – all very tempting!  We are really looking forward to coming back again in the summer.

Kate, St Albans