Alpaca Trekking



The longer alpaca trek complements our alpaca walking programme each year.  It is ideal for those who have been on one of our walks or elsewhere alpaca walking and would like to take a step up and spend longer with their alpaca followed by a Yew Tree lunch to finish off.  See more details below.


2021 Dates


Thurs 22nd July  11am


Thurs 26th August  11 am


Thurs 16th September  11am



Our Yew Tree Alpaca Trek  is a double length alpaca walk of approx hours with a break halfway in a grassy field / shady orchard for refreshments and biscuits at the half way stage. At the end of the trek you'll have worked up an appetite so we're sure you'll enjoy our lunch of freshly made sandwiches, yogurts and cakes/bakes and refresments to restore your energy. Not forgetting a chance to browse our range of alpaca products.


You'll start your trek with a short talk about alpacas and the Yew Tree herd. We then go to our fields where you meet your alpaca and have a short pre-trek training session around the field before you set out.


The trek is approx.  1¾ hours and the whole visit to Yew Tree Alpacas 3-3½ hours.


This is an ideal option for those who have already been on an alpaca walk either at Yew Tree or elsewhere.  If you have not walked an alpaca before, we recommend our shorter walk option first. However this is not essential and if you consider yourself physically fit and confident around animals then this trek may be just for you.  


For those who have already been on one of Yew Tree's alpaca walks you can request your favourite alpaca when you book.


Heres some feedback and insight from one of our customers who has contacted us keen to rebook!


I took part in a trek in July for my friend's 50th birthday and enjoyed it so much I wanted to buy another in 2019 for my sister and her partner. Louise, Hertford


Louise writes... I bought the trek for my friend's surprise 50th birthday present - a short discussion about the day, then the introduction to our alpaca then off we went on a lovely trek. The short break and drink was most welcoming (we fed our alpacas carrots during the break). It was over all too quickly back to the farm for lunch. A great day. 


There are two booking options; you can have your own alpaca for the entirety of the trek OR share an alpaca with a friend – you and your friend can take turns leading your alpaca during the trek. 


Cost .....


One person trekking with their alpaca - £49.50 including refreshments en route and lunch after the walk


Two people sharing £79.00 including refreshments en route and lunch after the walk




Our dates for the 2021 season are not yet confimed but we usually hold a trek in July and August each year with extra dates depending on demand.






 Please note the following terms & conditions regarding Yew Tree Alpaca Trekking


  • We can take a maximum of 10 alpacas on the trek and a minimum of 5. If the bookings fall below 5 then we will offer an alternative date or your money back.
  • When walking out in the countryside we have two Yew Tree personnel on foot at the front and back of the alpacas for extra safety and security.
  • Children are welcome 10 years and above. They can share an alpaca with an adult but the accompanying adult must be 16 years or above. Note you cannot book 1 person, 1 alpaca option for a child under 16 yrs.
  • Children accompanying an adult (sharing an alpaca) must be 10 yrs and over. 
  • Note if you book just 1 adult 1 alpaca option we assume you will be attending alone. If it is only you who wants to do the walk and your partner isn't interested then you book the shared option and you do all the walking with our alpaca. 
  • There are no facilities for people who have not booked to wait for another person whilst they trek. If you accompany them and you have not booked you will be required to wait in your car.
  • There is no discount on the two person price if the child is one of the pair
  • Our all inclusive price includes the initial talk, advice and guidance on handling, the alpaca trekking experience both in our fields and out in the countryside and lunch at the end of the walk and biscuits/refreshments during the walk.
  • On booking you will receive automated confirmation by email within 48 hrs. Approx 5-7 days before the event you will receive the detailed programme and info about what to wear and what to expect.
  • You can swop to a different date of trek at a charge of £10 up to 7 days prior to booking. 
  • Cancellation 14 or more days prior to the event 50% refund. Within 14 days no refund.
  • If some of your group do not attend on the day there are no refunds. The cancellation rules apply, therefore if, up to 14 days before the event part of your group cannot  attend then you can cancel and receive 50% refund.
  • Please note the duration of the alpaca trek is approx. 1.75 hours on local footpaths and bridleways with some uneven ground. The whole event is 3-3.5 hrs. if you are a slow walker, unsteady on your feet or have an injury which impacts on your walking ability, then the trek will not be suitable. You must also be able to use both hands to hold the lead rope when walking your alpaca, if you cannot do this then the alpaca trek is not suitable for you. If you are not sure then please telephone us and we will advise whether the trek is suitable or rather the shorter alpaca walk or our alpaca adventure.