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Keeping and handling alpacas

for new owners/those buying in the near future (full day)



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Thursday 30th April 2020 -  9.30-4.30pm



Workshops on AlpacasIf you are a new owner or planning to buy alpacas in the near future we can offer a full day course with lunch, hand outs and completion certificate included. 


The course will be held at Yew Tree Alpacas, Anstey, Buntingford, Herts SG9 0DA

Cost is £95 including lunch (No vat)


As British Alpaca Society (BAS) Affiliate Trainers Yew Tree Alpacas can run BAS approved courses which use a set of modules approved by the British Alpaca Society.



There will be a mix of  theory and practical sessions throughout the day. It will be split into two main sections basic day to day husbandry and healthcare in the morning followed by handling and halter training in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided with refreshments at the start and end of the day. 


A maximum of seven participants on the course. 


The BAS modules 1-5 will be covered;


  - Feeding and basic management
  - Vaccination, worming and supplements
  - Catching your alpaca

  - Fitting a head collar
  - Halter training

Book via our online shop (pay via card)





New Breeders Course (British Alpaca Society affiliated course)

for novice alpaca breeders and those thinking about breeding alpacas (full day)



Next date likely to be in September 2020. 

Please email to inform us of your interest and we will contact you when the next date is confirmed.


Breeding Workshops on Alpacas

The course will be held at Yew Tree Alpacas, Anstey, Buntingford, Herts SG9 0DA

Cost is £95 including lunch (No vat)


This course is aimed at novice alpaca breeders or those new to breeding. It is ideal for those approaching their first breeding season in 2020 or thinking of buying female alpacas (and possibly stud males) to start a breeding herd.

The course will be a mix of theory and practical sessions and will be split into two main sections; In the morning, what to look for in an alpaca (conformation and fleece) and options for breeding & mating. Birthing alpacas, covering preparation, the birthing period and post natal care in the afternoon.

Lunch will be provided, also coffee/tea & biscuits at the start and end of the day

Hard copy handouts and a certificate of completion are also included in the cost.


Book via our online shop (pay via card)




For any questions prior to booking please call or email....

Tel: 01763 848257

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Members of
the british alpaca society
All Yew Tree Alpacas are BAS registered


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Thank you so much for providing such an enjoyable afternoon. The Alpacas were so biddable and really gorgeous to look at. Jane was absolutely smitten by them and their glorious fleece.

Charles, Royston