Alpaca Country Socks

Alpaca Country socks long up to the knee with turn over top
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These lovely Alpaca Country socks are knee length with a turn over top to go over boots or wellies and fit snuggly around the leg right up to your knee. They are very soft and warm to wear, containing 75% alpaca and 25% nylon for durability.


These socks wick away moisture as Alpaca wool is naturally water repellent and you will find that your feet stay dry and warm with no/much lower odour than normal socks.



Sizes 4-7, 8-10, 11-13



Size 4-7

Navy (Patterned)

Red (Patterned)

Black (Patterned)

Cream (cushioned sole rib pattern)



Size 8-10

Navy (Patterned)

Red (Patterned)

Highland Green (cushioned rib pattern )



Size 11-13

Navy (Patterned

Red (Patterned

Highland green (cushioned rib pattern )

Burgundy Patterned


Wash on machine wool cycle and dry flat, or hand wash. Do not tumble dry.


Please note if the colour is not in the drop down list then it is currently out of stock.