Alpaca Day Socks

Alpaca Day socks - soft, warm and durable for every day wear
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These lovely soft alpaca day socks are ideal for everyday wear. They are 55% alpaca and 45% nylon, alpaca gives the warmth and softness whilst the nylon the durability. 

Although warm, they are a lightweight sock in a plain knit, single colour. They will suit those who tend to like warmth in thinner socks which can be worn with normal day shoes. 

If you are looking for totally natural undyed alpaca socks then choose our natural colour options - Tawny Brown, Charcoal and Ash Grey.  

Our day socks come in 3 sizes and 6 colours...


Three sizes: 4-7, 8-10 and 11-13


Seven Colours: Black (11-13 only), Charcoal, Ash Grey, Navy Blue, Red, Tawny Brown ( 1-13 and 8-10), Cream (excl 11-13).  We also have a light brown/fawn colour in 4-7


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These are the only socks that kept my terminally cold feet warm !

Martin, Stevenage