Alpaca Socks


Alpaca Socks are beautifully warm and soft on the skin, they also have excellent wicking properties to ensure your feet keep dry and odourless for longer.


Our luxury alpaca socks are made in England, they are knitted with yarn from the fleece of English and Peruvian alpacas. We have six types of socks each in a range of colours;


  • Everyday socks- Three types; in a single colour, in contrast colours and stripy (includes gentle grip/loose top socks)
  • Bed Socks - thick and luxurious - we have two types; Super Soft bed socks in 90% alpaca and Luxury bed socks with 70% alpaca with 30% wool for greater durability 
  • Walking socks - thicker socks with cushioned soles available in two types; calf length & up to the knee
  • Country socks - long up to the knee with turn over tops


Most of our socks are available in 3 sizes: 4-7, 8-10 and 11-13.  Note Contrast socks are only available in 4-7 and 8-10


Try a pair out and we're sure you'll agree with our customer Jacqui's comments below


 I bought a pair of calf length walking socks in light blue and two pairs of the contrast socks. They were all brilliant. I have NEVER had socks as good as these ever. They are so comfortable. I suffer from eczema and some socks really irritate me. These didn't. As soon as I put my foot in them it was heaven. Jacqui, Milton Keynes


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Alpaca Day Socks

Alpaca Day socks - soft, warm and durable for every day wear

Sales price: £13.75
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Alpaca Contrast Socks

Alpaca contrast day socks in contrast colour combinations

Sales price: £14.95
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Luxury Alpaca Bed Socks

Luxury Alpaca Bed Socks, keep you beautifully warm in bed ...

Sales price: £18.95
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Alpaca Country Socks

Alpaca Country socks long up to the knee with turn over top

Sales price: £25.75
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Gift box for socks

Gold Gift box with ribbon to make your alpaca socks a ...

Sales price: £3.00
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Alpaca Stripy Socks

Alpaca stripy socks keeping your feet cosy warm in everyday ...

Sales price: £14.95
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Alpaca Walking Socks (Extra Long)

Alpaca Walking Socks - extra long with cushioned soles

Sales price: £20.95
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Alpaca Walking Socks (Calf Length)

Alpaca Walking Socks, calf length,extra warm and soft with ...

Sales price: £16.95
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Super Soft Alpaca Bed Socks

Super Soft Alpaca 'Bed only' Socks, keep you beautifully ...

Sales price: £16.95
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Alpaca Gentle Grip Socks

Alpaca Gentle Grip Every Day Socks

Sales price: £14.95
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Hi Penny & Steven, just a quick note to say thank you both for a truly enjoyable afternoon we both had with you both, all the alpacas and of course Isaac. I have wanted a walk with them for years and it was well worth waiting for. We very much want to come again so keeping my fingers crossed.

Maggi, Hitchin



What an absolutely brilliant experience. We both enjoyed it very much and hope to return to do another walk with you soon.