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Yew Tree Alpacas Adoption package offers you a fantastic value from only £40 for the year.
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Alpaca Adoption - A gift with a difference


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  • 1 person per package
  • The dates provided are final and cannot be changed. We have given a choice of dates for your visits so you can work around the recipient’s availability. There is a choice of 3 dates for the essential package (choose one) and a choice of 9 dates for the premium package (choose 3 of which one should be a main visit date).
  • If you choose the premium package you can select one of the three ‘full visit’ dates  listed on the website and then two of the six dates which will be given in the gift pack.
  • You do not have to select a main visit date at the time of purchase but it is up to you to inform us which of the ‘full visit’ dates you would like to visit.
  • There are a five adoptions allotted to each alpaca . Once an alpaca has reached this number he will be removed from the drop down list although he will appear on the full info listing
  • Adopting an alpaca does not infer any form of ownership
  • If at any time your adopted alpaca is sold you will be offered another alpaca ad a photo will be emailed to you.
  • If you book during the year please take account of when the three main visit dates are/have been. For example if you buy at the end of April you will have a choice of two visit dates rather than three for the essential package.
  • For the premium visit the 2nd and 3rd visit dates will be from late May onwards. They will be weekday and evenings but will include half term dates and August holidays
  • The premium package includes either a T shirt or a pair of alpaca everyday socks (day or contrast). Please select which of these you prefer for the recipient and we will send you options of colour and size on receiving you order.



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Members of
the british alpaca society
All Yew Tree Alpacas are BAS registered


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Great Christmas presents. I might have to treat myself  they're so nice. Thank you.

Walking socks - Vivien, Kenilworth