Luxury bird's nesting material in clear bags

Luxury bird's nest material- super softness & warmth for your garden birds' nests
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This birds' nesting material is soft, warm and natural alpaca fleece ideal for birds building their nests in spring.  Alpaca fleece is ideal for nesting material as it wicks water when wet and quickly dries aswell as being super warm and cosy for the nests. Unlike some nesting materials birds can use it easily and it does not attract predators to the nest. It is available in three sizes Small (40g fleece) medium (60-70g fleece) large bags (130-140g fleece).


Chaffinches and Tits love this alpaca nesting fleece, check out this link to see Chaffinches in action in one of our customer's garden



See also  fleece ready to hang in a green holder under your bird table. You can also reuse it for bird food when all the fleece used up!


Note no animal is harmed in shearing the fleece from the alpaca and this product is completely natural untreated alpaca fleece. Its a real treat for your birds. 


There are three size of refill bags, all contain info and instructions for use.



-White and brown fleece nest material -small (40g)  £6.00


- White and brown fleece nest material - medium (60-70g) £8.00



-White and brown fleece nest material - large (130-150g) £10.00




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I call these my magic socks.  I wear them whenever I need extra comfort because they always seem to be the right temperature and feel so nice and soft on my feet.  I was given the damson and green contrast day socks but I'll definitely be getting more as sure-fire gifts for family members and myself.  They feel lovely!

Annie, London