Here's Jazz just before shearing in May 2014. Hes a cuddly boy and is now in his 3rd year

Jazz has been to a few shows last year and came 4th in his class both times. This year his claim to fame is being one of the two alpacas who has adopted friends who will visit him twice this year.

Jazz enjoys being the peacemaker of the group of 7 boys who live together. He's very friendly and will eat carrots out of your hand and allow you to stroke him. Not many of his brothers allow us to do this.

Jazz will be on our adoption list for next year 2015. Dont miss him as there are very limited visit adoptions for the four Yew Tree Alpacas chosen for our adoption list. A profile of the four for adoption (this will include Jazz) will be available on our website from October 1st '14. Click here for Alpaca Adoption

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All Yew Tree Alpacas are BAS registered


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Fabulous day, full of fun and informative facts, and the chance to feed the alpacas up close.

Sophia, Chrishall