Alpaca Pillow - Medium Fill

This alpaca pillow (72cm x 46cm) is filled with 100% alpaca fleece from Yew Tree’s own alpacas. The pillow is totally flexible so you can adjust the firm/softness as you require. Medium Fill
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Why buy a luxury Yew Tree Alpaca Pillow?


Key Features of Alpaca Fibre


  • Soft, light & luxuriously comfortable
  • Naturally anti-allergenic (alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin like sheep's wool) an excellent option for allergy sufferers
  • It is a natural fibre which forms a dry, cool environment which is unfriendly to dust mites, unlike synthetic fibres
  • Helps regulate body temperature (the fibre naturally keeps alpacas warm when cold and cool when hot, each fibre has a hollow core that helps to do this).


Pillow Description


  • Each pillow comes in the standard pillow size of 72cm x 46cm (28" x 18"). 
  • Comes in a Zipped 100% cotton cover and inner net bag
  • Adjust the firmness yourself – take out or add in as much fleece as you prefer, fluff up when required.
    If you require a firm pillow we also sell pillow refill/refresh you can add yourself
  • Each pillow is filled with 100% alpaca fleece filling, usually from Yew Tree's own Alpacas and are medium fill
  • A 100% natural product – the only treatment is the washing liquid, specially formulated for delicates & woollens
  • No alpacas are harmed in the making of these lovely alpaca pillows. The alpacas are sheared once a year and their fleece graded into different batches, some for processing into yarns and some into pillows.


Testimonials from happy customers:


The pillow arrived on Monday and I’ve enjoyed three good nights’ sleep ever since, so am delighted with it. It’s comfortable and soft, yet supportive and I love the colours in the wool. I’ve had an ordinary wool pillow for quite a few years, but the alpaca wool is infinitely more comfortable.
BG Louth, Lincolnshire


I bought one of your alpaca pillows at a show this Autumn and it is wonderful. I am having the best night's sleep I have had for years.
Jo, Debenham, Suffolk


Hi I just wanted to say I bought a firm pillow at your Christmas market in Braintree. It is fantastic, I have never slept so well and I suffer with arthritis and the improvement to my health through good sleep and reduced neck pain is wonderful. I have shared my recommendations to friends already. Just wanted to say thank you
Hayley, Braintree, Essex


I bought two pillows from you last year and they are gorgeous. Wherever I go my pillow goes.
Pam, Hertford


I was one of the first few customers to purchase the alpaca pillow from Yew Tree Alpaca’s show stand at Cressing temple near Braintree about 4 years ago, and I have to say I'm thrilled with the product.
If you are an allergy sufferer like me (or even if you 're not ) the fleece fibre is perfect for keeping those dust mites away!
Yew Tree have been extremely helpful in relaying knowledge of the product and are always happy to answer any questions. The pillows are super comfy and are still going strong using the guidelines provided by Penny at Yew Tree.
The alpaca pillow at Yew Tree is one I would always recommend and will continue to buy.
Jane, Chelmsford




Cotton cover and zipped bag  - Hand or machine wash on maximum 30ºC

Alpaca fleece fill -  Alpaca fleece takes a degree of skill and knowledge to wash, as it easily felts when washed, (irreversibly clumps together). For this reason we do not recommend washing the fleece. However it does not need to be washed as you would for a conventional synthetic pillow, due to the natural anti-allergenic properties of the Alpaca fibre which maintains a cool, dry environment in which dust mites find it difficult to live and breed. To occasionally air the fibre, the fleece can be taken out of the zipped bag fluffed up and aired on a dry warm sunny day.


Refund Conditions

Up to 2 months after receipt of the pillow and you are not happy, we will refund 50% of the cost of the pillow if you return the pillow to us in the same condition as you received it (accounting for normal use). After 2 months there is no refund. 


Delivery fee single pillow £8.50 (note Scotland and Europe additonal postage costs may apply)



If you collect directly from Yew Tree (SG9 0DA) there is no delivery fee (please change your shipment method to "Collect from Yew Tree" during checkout for this option)


Delivery approx 2 weeks. Within 48 hours of the receipt of your order we will email with an approximate date of delivery, then 3-4 days before delivery an exact day.