Elgar and Bruno

Inbetween preparing for our Christmas Shops it was also time for the eldest of our 8 crias Elgar to be weaned from his mum Minnie. Normally we would wean him with atleast one other cria however, due to Elgar being rather frisky with the ladies we had no choice but to wean him on his own.


On the 6th December Elgar joined Bruno and Dexter so that he could get used to being with the big boys. After being a bit lonely at first Elgar has now found a best friend in Bruno and is feeling much more at home and happier. His mum Minnie is also enjoying spending time with her girlfriends Enya and Sydney and has been keeping busy eating hay and carrots to notice Elgars departure.
Elgar will be joined with two more of our boys Felix and Gideon in mid January and we are sure that he will be part of the boys brigade in no time!