The Boys are back in town

Our boys certainly know how to throw a welcome home party, as you can see from the photo's they were delighted to welcome Dexter back from his Showtime experience last weekend. They were so pleased to see our Alpaca Showtime entrants Dexter, Boris and Tor arrive home after a very busy weekend of competing and as you can see Dexter very much loved being reunited back with the herd.

Our boys are always on the lookout for fun and they love playing together in their paddock. As you can see from the photos they are slightly muddy at the moment from this Novembers rainfall but they are still enjoying tucking into a tasty bale of hay.

The number of boys has risen even more this year as 7 of our 8 baby crias born have been boys, we are sure that there will be even more mischief and fun to come!