Our alpacas had never visited a garden centre until this week! Scottsdales Garden Centre, just outside Cambridge, invited us to their Sunflower festival on 27th August.

This was a family day with children's activities and charity stalls within the garden centre, which was also open for its usual day to day business.

We decided to take our quietest boys - Bruno, Tor and Alfie, as we didn't know what to expect - would there be crowds galore or a few families drifting by? We also took our alpaca products to set up a stall next to the pen so an early start was essential to arrive before the customers.

The day started wet - not a great start although the boys didn't mind. Our designated location was not under cover so we were moved into the indoor plant area to ensure out alpaca knitwear and socks stayed dry. Still not quite water tight so eventually a gazebo arrived just what was needed for us to set up our stand.

For most people it was a complete surprise to see alpacas in a garden centre-not sure what Bruno, Tor and Alfie thought. They were rather bemused when all the little hands stretched through the hurdles, fortunately they behaved superbly, not flustered at all taking the new surroundings in their stride.

All in all the day was great fun, thanks to the staff for being so helpful throughout the day. Lots of questions from interested children and their parents and a chance to let Cambridge folks know that Yew Tree Alpacas aren't too far away in sunny East Herts. It's the first time we've ventured across the county border - hopefully it will be the first of many.