Yew Tree Boris arrived on Saturday 19th July – a rather speedy entry to the world and our 3rd boy in a row this year. Lets hope some girls come soon!

We had left to visit our alpaca boys mid-morning, with no signs  of imminent activity from Belinda, the prospective mum.

One hour later we returned with Boris' feet just peeking out and after 15 minutes he had fully arrived. Just a little help on the lube from Stephen but otherwise all trouble free. Well done Belinda on her first birth.

Little Boris or rather big Boris, weighing in at 8.25 kg, made a huge jump in weight on the first day – or was it our rather dodgy scales? From then for 3 days he went slowly downwards – had Belinda a limited milk supply?? Two days later we found him trying out his grandmother for milk, then 2 days later Maria – oh dear. It seemed Belinda was a little slow on getting her milk supply going but after day 4 things seemed to get onto an even keel and Boris start to increase weight daily.

 He now weighs 11 kg (at 10 days old) so hes putting on weight fast and is looking good.  

Take a look below. He's 4 days old and getting aquainted with Bianca one of our 2013 crias, now 1 year old.