Antsey Fair

Yew Tree Alpacas, Jazz, Bruno and Jimmy had a great day out at Anstey Fair yesterday, July 13th. Visitors enjoyed the 'Guess the age of the Alpaca' game, guessing Jimmy's and Bruno's age from 12 different possible answers - Jimmy 1¾ yrs and Bruno ¾yr  very few guessed correctly.


Well done to the two winners who each won prizes of alpaca socks.  Our alpaca socks and greetings cards were also on sale and went really well- thank you to all our customers on the day.

The Anstey Fair is an annual event in our viillage, held on the Sunday nearest to St Swinthens Day held at Anstey Bury, on the outskirts of the village, not far from the Yew Tree alpacas home.  Our boys have attended for three years now and are always a popular attraction. The fair raises money for Anstey's village hall and St Georges's church and this year was attended by over 450 people.

Put the date in next year's diary (second Sunday in July) it's everything a village fair should be...local arts and crafts , live music, homemade teas and cakes, games for young and old alike.