Alpaca Adopters

In the past four weeks we have welcomed our adopters for their second of two visits to see their chosen alpaca. Those going for our Gold option have two visits, one in Spring and one Summer - a choice of two dates for each.

The sun shone for both visits and our alpacas were keen to chomp on the carrots our adopters and their friends eagerly offered them. It was noticeable that our two new alpie mothers weren't so keen and kept to the bottom of the field closely shielding their crias away from the visitors.

Our adopters were able to walk and lead their alpaca around the fields (Bianca stood in for Manette for the leading!) and then whilst holding their friend have a close up photo.  We then produce this as a laminated A4 photo, a great decoration for their bedroom walls. The alpaca visit is rounded of afternoon tea - home made sandwiches, scones and cakes.

The visits were really enjoyed by our adopters. We had a great recommendation from Kate after our Spring visit, here's what she said...


We really enjoyed our day at Yew Tree Alpacas.  Many ‘adoptions’ give you very little chance really to meet your adoptive animal; however, this package seemed very well designed – I felt it would strike a good balance between keeping the alpacas happy, which is important, while giving my daughter the chance really to get to know more about them.  I liked the fact that the numbers were limited and that there were three visits to anticipate over the year.  The parcel sent out was fun to open and she enjoyed looking at the photos and the lovely sample of wool.
We were so lucky with the weather on that first visit – the farm was a beautiful setting with the sun out!  We had plenty of time with the alpacas and a chance to ask all the questions we wanted.  We came away feeling that we had really got to know more about these fascinating animals.
It was also nice to have the tea and cake offered and the chance to look at the knitted goods made with alpaca wool – all very tempting!  We are really looking forward to coming back again in the summer. 


Kate, St Albans