Show Season

The alpaca show season is upon us! This is when we find out which of our alpacas are top of the tree (or near the top of the tree!) when it comes to fleece quality and conformation. An essential part of showing is walking around the show ring on a head collar and lead.

Being led on a lead rope does not come naturally to alpacas (although some are better than others), it takes time for them to get used to wearing a head collar and then walking calmly on a lead rope. So now’s the time to get the lead training in so our alpacas don’t turn the heads of the judges for the wrong reason!

Sydney is the first in the show ring this weekend. She's been in training for the last few weeks to ensure she’s well prepared for walking around the show ring. Looking at the photos below you can see Sydney wasn't too keen at first but with a few practices she is now leading nicely. Walking also comes in handy for our alpaca adoption. Adopters get to lead their alpaca on the different visits to Yew Tree so its much more handy (and enjoyable for them) if their alpaca is a willing walker!

Let’s hope that the training pays off at the Alpaca Futurity in Coventry this weekend and Sydney walks smoothly around the ring. We’ll report next week on how Sydney gets on.