Girls on the Move

Nine of our girls have moved to their Summer grazing this weekend (17th/18th Jan). A bit early you say, yes indeed! As this grazing is 2 miles away from our base the field is normally for Summer only but due to the continuous rain in the last 2 months our fields are reduced to a sea of mud.

We have therefore decided to take them over early so they can get some real green grass! They were overjoyed to have a mud free field with lots of grass.

Getting a shelter at the field has been a problem (previously used the trailer) as Alpacas need shelter from the wind and rain in order to thrive. The solution, an instant garage in which they can have shelter when needed. After 3½hrs of struggle we got this errected, so they now have plenty of shelter from the wind and rain. It's well secured but to be sure we've kept both ends open to avoid a fly away!