Great News a new baby alpaca was born at Yew Tree yesterday - Yew Tree Tor - born on the day the Tour France came through our area on its 3rd day in the UK, such a special day we thought we'd name Tor to remember it! We're spelling it Tor rather than Tour as Tor is actually a Swedish boy's name and sounds the same as tour so it fits in nicely.

His proud mum Barbara is taking it all in her stride - in fact we thought it was another week before he was due so it was a bit of  a surprise that she'd decided to drop earlier than expected. Tor was 8kg when born so hes pretty big for a new born alpaca. He lost no time in finding the milk bar and within 2 hours was happily sucking away.

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Thank you so much for providing such an enjoyable afternoon. The Alpacas were so biddable and really gorgeous to look at. Jane was absolutely smitten by them and their glorious fleece.

Charles, Royston