June Update

Sadly we have not been able to hold any walks this month as lockdown continues although we are hopeful for July and have only cancelled walks to the end of June.

On a more positive note we have been busy with sales enquiries for alpacas and sold seven girls ( a four and three) to two lovely customers in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

We at last managed to finish shearing our 51 alpacas sheared in the third week of June, shearing having been cancelled through our shearer being ill in May. All went smoothly with over 100kg of fleece produced.

All the herd are feeling much better now especially the boys who have the heaviest fleeces, especially in the hot weather when they really struggled. We filled our feet dip trough to keep them cool! They will be starting their walks in July and if they hadn’t been sheared walking in the warm weather would have been impossible.