Since our last blog post we now have six further cria to give a total of seven new herd members for this year. Zebedee, Archie, Bertie, Carlos, Sapphire, Tia. All are doing really well but there was another difficult birth which hubby Stephen turned what could have been disaster into a success and live cria Archie emerged unscathed.

We are delighted to have 5 boys and 2 girls- we hope to train up all the boys for our alpaca walking team in the future.  This starts after weaning when they will get introduced to a headcollar.

There was great excitement on the birth of our first grey alpaca and also a boy – fab!! His name is Zebedee he’s a rascal and knows he’s a good looker!  His father is Felix our dark brown stud and mother is Enya.


This is Enya’s fourth cria and the first one to be grey. Her previous cria have been black and mid brown.

Yogi continues to do well although he’s becoming a little picky on when he wants to take milk. Lets hope he starts on the solid mineral feed very soon.