Easter Adventure

We welcomed 14 alpacaphiles to Yew Tree last Sat 4th April for our Easter Alpaca Adventure. The distinctly sun-less weather didn't deter our visitors getting stuck in with feeding and cuddles all round. Even a chance to lead an alpaca for our youngest visitor Emilia!


After the intro talk, to get the group up to speed on alpacas, we introdcued them to the Yew Tree herd. Our babies, having just been weaned were very inquisitive on seeing the newcomers. Their 'Aunties'  who 'mother' them when their mums disappear, were very keen to meet and greet and chump the carrots on offer. Enya (grey) and little Angel (white) couldn't resist getting a slice of the action (see photo below).



The boys however (Jimmy, Joseph, Jazz and Bruno) were especially keen to meet our group with the offers of carrots a plenty. They love their carrots, one of the the main reasons why they are looking particularly friendly!



Jazz and Bruno are always keen to meet visitors. Most of the group took it in turns to feel their fleece and give them hugs and cuddles. They look more like bears than alpacas at the moment, so it was great our group had a chance to see just how thick their fleeces are, one month before shearing (May). Emilia our youngest visitor had an extra treat, leading Bruno round the field with Penny the owner (see below).



Tea and cakes followed to complete the afternoon with a chance to buy our alpaca products at 10% off.


Thank you all for being such a great group, so interested with lots of questions and also being willing to share your photos below, which give a good feel of the afternoon