Joining the Batchelor Pad-dock!

Last week it was time for our weanlings to take a leap into adulthood as they joined the big boys in their batchelor pad-dock! As you can see from the photo's they are all getting on very well indeed. Out of our 8 crias born in 2015, seven of them were boys. This meant that after they had spent some time together without their mums it was time for them to join the rest of the adult boys this April, which has has certainly increased the testosterone levels!

There are a mix of ages, colours and temperaments across our range of boys but they all enjoy playing, prancing, eating and getting up to mischief. As you can see from the photos Monty is tucking into his breakfast and he likes to get down close to the trough to make sure he can grab as much grass as possible in each mouthful!

Due to the heavy rainfall over the past few months we don't have an abundance of fresh grazing so we feed our boys some dried grass and as you can see its not only Monty who loves it!

Special friendships and alpaca alliances are also formed and our weanlings have got stuck into socialising and making new friends and in paricular our weanling Elgar has become best buddies with one of the big boys Bruno.

We hope that our boys continue making firm friends and our weanlings get used to life in the alpaca batchelor pad-dock!

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Hi Penny & Steven, just a quick note to say thank you both for a truly enjoyable afternoon we both had with you both, all the alpacas and of course Isaac. I have wanted a walk with them for years and it was well worth waiting for. We very much want to come again so keeping my fingers crossed.

Maggi, Hitchin



What an absolutely brilliant experience. We both enjoyed it very much and hope to return to do another walk with you soon.