Pastures New

A couple of weeks ago Yew Tree said farewell to three of our beautfiful boys Caeser, Tor and Jazz  who have been given a loving home with new alpaca owners Henry and Emma. We met the couple during one of our Christmas Fairs where they were not only interested in our alpaca products but they also were very keen to learn more about the possibilities of keeping alpacas. Henry and Emma attended our Intro to Alpacas course earlier on in the year which enabled them to learn all about the breed, the fleece and learn first hand how to look after alpacas.

Henry and Emma were instantly alpaca naturals at our workshop and our herd very much enjoyed their visit, after reading their Yew Tree intro packs we were delighted to hear that they wanted to give three of our boys a new home. We were able to advise on suitable fencing, shelter and provided feeding equipment and halters so that they were all ready for their new arrivals.

As you can see from the photo's Caesar, Tor and Jazz are loving being in their new home, they have a beautiful new shelter with lots of grass to munch on and are very much enjoying the fuss from Henry and Emma. The three new additions look like they are already part of the family and we wish them lot's of luck and have no doubt they will have years of happy alpaca memories to come!