The Hungarian illusionist Harry Houdini wowed crowds with his clever trickery and sensational showmanship back in the 1900's, Houdini managed to slide his way out of handcuffs, ropes and survive underwater tanks making him the most notorious escape artist of all time. It seems Houdini's legacy has lived on in the form of an alapca.... and his name is Joseph!

Joseph lives in a large paddock with the rest of our Yew Tree boys, he loves playing with his friends, munching on hay and recently he has taken to performing escape stunts. A couple of weeks ago the 'Great Alpaca Houdini' escaped his paddock three times in two days!
On Joseph's first great escape he decided to take two of his pals with him, making their way through the woodland on the other side of their paddock Joseph led his friends to a large 50 acre field of grass. Joseph then returned to his secret new grazing spot for a second time on his own, he then very sneakily returned to the rest of the boys just in time for feeding; his illusion skills made sure his escape stunts went completely unnoticed.
For Josephs third and final escape act he took three of our young boys with him venturing back through the woodland however, his stunt skills werent so seamless this time. One of our neighbours very kindly alerted us to the escapeees whereabouts which meant the game was up! It took four adults one hour to catch the boys and lead them back to their paddock.
We can safely say that Joseph Houdini has retired from showbusiness and has not got any plans for further stunts, despite thinking the grass is greener he and his friends are enjoying being back in their paddock and dreaming of carrots.