Winter Workshop

Last weekend we welcomed potential alpaca owners Henry and Emma to Yew Tree's 'Intro to Alpacas' winter workshop, to learn about all things alpaca! Starting with a presentation on key management requirements and tasks, it included grazing & shelters, feeding, general welfare and the many benefits to keeping alpacas.

The couple then enjoyed homemade sandwiches and cakes whilst watching a 'Caring for Alpacas' DVD. With wellies and coats on we then ventured outside to view alpaca shelters, fencing, hurdles and grazing. Henry and Emma were then introduced to our boys who were eagerly awaiting their arrival and of course some carrot treats!

After herding around 9 of our boys into the shelter it was then time for our potential owners to get up close and personal to learn alpaca welfare first hand. Starting with how to look and feel for good alpaca conformation and despite it being very wet they also felt the different fleeces.

Using very easygoing Dexter as our model we demonstrated how to trim toenails and check those important front teeth. After viewing hay feeders and troughs it was then onto haltering and leading the alpacas; with Henry pairing up with Ceaser and Emma with Dexter, the couple led the boys beautifully round the field before making their way back to the rest of the herd.

We continued the tour meeting our girls and baby crias, our workshop attendees were a great help feeding and picking up alpaca poo whilst learning along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Henry and Emma to our Winter Workshop and  have no doubt they will make great alpaca owners in the future.