Stuck in the Mud

As we battle the winter weather with gale force winds we are also still recovering from the extensive rainfall which has fallen in the last couple of months. With December 2015 being one of the wettest months on record since 1910 it is no wonder our alpacas are looking slightly muddy!

Despite increasing grazing rotation and distributing straw in shelters our paddocks remain pretty boggy. You can tell from our photos our herd are not exactly looking their best as they all seem to appear a similar shade of brown/grey! As a break from muddy ground this week we treated the mums and cria to a walk around our garden, you can see they were delighted at the opportunity to munch on greener grass!
We hope that in the weeks to come the rain stays at bay and our alpacas may return to their original colours. In the meantime they are enjoying playing a good old game of 'stuck in the mud'!